Raintree is a full service retail gallery specializing in jewelry design, production, repair and restoration.

The Raintree Black Coral Collection.

Pure elegance and sophistication. The inlay collection is unmatched. Jet black coral, inlaid to perfection in 18k gold, accented by diamonds and precious gems. Each one memorable, you will want to wear your black coral everywhere. The bead collection is sweet and fun to ornate and delicious. Hand carved black coral beads mixed with gems, diamonds and 14k gold. Every piece is expertly designed and handcrafted to a gorgeous finish by us. Our made-to-order designs are created with the highest quality black coral, precious metals, diamonds and gems.

The Aeon Collection.

An instant classic. The Aeon Collection is the little black dress of your jewelry collection. Each piece is perfect for all occasions, day and night and will be sure to turn heads. The Aeon Collection brings the simple elegance of gold wire and exquisite accent diamonds to life with wisps and waves caressing the silhouette. The highest quality diamonds are set and held in a single girdle bezel allowing optimal light to shine from all angles. The 14k gold wire is meticulously hand drawn, formed and hardened to create the made-to-order pieces.

Our jewelry collections are available for purchase directly from us. We will continue to add new creations to our gallery and the website, with additions to our current collections as well as new collections.


The Haut Collection begins in 2015.

We will be designing one-of-a-kind pieces to be showcased and sold exclusively through our gallery. These creations will embrace the striking beauty of black coral paired with unique and exceptional precious gems and diamonds; all set in 18k gold and platinum.

Custom Orders, Designs, Alterations and Semi Mounts.

We are available to work directly with clients in the design and production of custom order jewelry and alterations to existing jewelry. We are able to incorporate your diamonds and gems in black coral jewelry or any of our creations. We will create your perfect semi mount, engagement ring and wedding band set.

We offer a free polishing and refinishing service, which will help maintain your jewelry's shine and protect the coral. Please visit our Passman Repairs Page for more information on polishing and repair services.

Please contact us with any questions or to place an order. If you are in the New England area we would be happy to schedule a personal viewing or consultation. Our gallery is located in Vergennes, Vermont, about 30 minutes south of Burlington. We are open Wednesday through Saturday and by appointment. We would be delighted to have you come for a visit.

165 Main Street Vergennes, VT 05491